Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not actually pissing around.

Okay, so I know that to many of you it may have looked like, since coming here, I have abandoned my musical endeavors in favor of working all the time. That is only partly true. Yes, I have been working all the time (welcome to New York), but on the musical front I have not in fact pissed my dreams away. I have been pushing the project forward, in tiny increments, aided by a small crew of helpers. (That's one of the cool things about New York. There are always talented people around who are totally amped for helping you with your creative pursuits.) Anyway, today I received something awesome in my inbox - the latest remix of a track of mine called Never Never, done by a couple of producers in Osaka, currently known as paul and bob. I think it's wicked. You should probably check it out.