Monday, January 30, 2012

Love thy work.

There’s a reason why it’s good to have New York City on your resume. It’s because, if you’ve managed to get and keep a job here for any length of time, it means you are someone who has worked your ass off - passionately. In New York, it isn’t enough to just show up to your job. It isn’t enough to just do well at it either. In this town, it is a basic requirement that you love what you do, that you live it and breathe it, that you would willingly give your right eye if that’s what it took to make your work better. I’m probably a little slow on the uptake, but I didn’t realize this until now: this city runs on work. It’s where people come to be the best – at their jobs. It’s not about life balance, it’s not about relaxation – these things are obvious. But it’s not even really about the party. It’s about your job. It’s about what you do. So you’d better like what you do. Really like what you do. Last night (a Tuesday) I went to a party called WIParty – Work In Progress (P)arty. It was a party, on a Tuesday, to celebrate work. And it was GREAT. Once a month, people gather and hear other people present on the cool work they’re doing. Last night a guy presented this ad and the video game it advertises. His work for the past year had been making the video game and making the ad. And every part of it looked like the coolest thing ever. What a fun job. It was incredibly inspiring to see. And it got me thinking about my job, my work, and whether I love what I do. As I have gotten to understand my new job, I have been appreciating it more and more. Shaping how enormous brands express themselves to the world is a pretty effing cool thing. I even had a moment the other day where I decided I truly loved what I was doing and where I was working. The L-word associated with my job. This is Me talking. Weird. But naturally, and as you know, there are other things I love doing too, other things I would really love to be doing as my work. Like music for example. And I’ve said it before, that I know I’m in New York for a reason, but I’m pretty sure that reason is not my current job. Here’s the cool thing I think I’m discovering: the reason I’m here involves both my music and my job. Along with a couple of other work mates, I have recently had an idea that could see all the work skills I’m gathering, and all the music project things I love, rolled into one piece of awesomeness. It’s too early to share details, but if we pull this baby off, I’m pretty darned sure I will finally, truly, madly, deeply, love my work.

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